New Employee Highlight – Johnny

Johnny joined the BTC in early September as a Program Specialist. Johnny spends his days working in the Brookline school system and then he joins us for a few afternoons per week. You can find Johnny shooting hoops with the teens or just spreading his contagious energy throughout the center. Fun Fact: Johnny also offers free haircuts on Thursday’s at 3:30 at the BTC! Learn more about Johnny below:

A. Why did you decide to work at the Teen Center?

Q. I know I can make a difference by being a mentor to some of the kids that may come from the same background as I did. I also hope to provide useful knowledge and skills that they don’t receive in school.

A. What do you love about the Teen Center?

Q. I love the fact that I can come in and bring a different vibe for the teens to be able to engage with me and express themselves.

A. What are you most excited about at the BTC for this school year?

Q. The staff and the students engaging in the programs together and ideally with other centers!