Youthscapers is a nonprofit yard-work company based out of the Brookline Teen Center. Youthscapers employs high school aged youth who have little to no job experience and want to change that. Youthscapers provides supported skill development, a fair wage, and real world work experience while providing a valuable service to the community.  Through this job, teens gain confidence, self-discipline, develop a strong work ethic, and will have an overall better understanding of their strengths and capabilities.  Furthermore, teens participating in this program will significantly improve their outlook for obtaining and maintaining future jobs.

Brookline residents, Check out our Service Menu:

Do you have any yard projects, or odd jobs around the house that you just don’t have time for?  The Youthscapers can tackle projects such as:

Yard Work:

  • Weeding
  • Yard clean up
  • Raking leaves
  • Leaf and Brush removal
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Wood/stick/branch clean-up
  • Sapling removal
  • Mulching
  • Planting flowers and bushes
  • Digging out streams
  • Lawn mowing
  • Watering
  • Sweeping Patios
  • Weed-wacking


  • Moving heavy furniture or other items
  • Painting (fences, walls, etc)
  • Basement/garage clean-out and organization
  • Hauling trash to dumpsters
  • Shelf or furniture assembly with instructions (IKEA etc)
  • Grill cleaning
  • Power- washing
  • Staining decks, tables, etc.


  • Home-made pine flower beds (4ft x 8ft x 14inches or custom

Our Youthscapers are supervised by adult staff who are on the job site working alongside them.  If you are interested in having the Youthscapers do some work for you, reach out to us at