Show Synopsis

In Wonderland, a young girl named Alice follows a White Rabbit down its rabbit hole and is transported into a reality whose rules and possibilities are far different from her own, the mysterious world of Wonderland. During her quest to get back home, Alice meets all of Wonderland’s fanciful creatures, each one adding their own tales and humor to the story. For three weeks, our cast has worked tirelessly to put on this show, despite our own world turning almost as upside down as Wonderland. We as directors cannot put into words how proud we are of this wonderful group of young actors. We hope that you will enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed this process, so please grab your teacups, hold on to your heads, and get ready to dive down the rabbit hole!

Tweedledee Cast:


Alice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sophia Soussou

Rabbit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Allen Burlak

Caterpillar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amarchi Ikonne

Red Queen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Esme Campbell

White Queen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jem Buchbinder-Johnson

Frog~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Madalena Kozol

Hare~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Damaris Sosa

Hatter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tamara Leipman

Dormouse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jem Buchbinder-Johnson

Turtle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Allen Burlak

Gryphon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Isaac Liaw

Tweedledum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Isaac Liaw

Tweedledee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Madalena Kozol


Tweedledum Cast:


Alice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Soleil Hayes-Pollard

Rabbit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lilah Friedland

Caterpillar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Devin Sullivan

Red Queen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brooke Bottiglieri

Frog~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reena Bhambi

Hare~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eli Setiya

Hatter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Devin Sullivan

Dormouse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Luke Garvey

Turtle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lilah Friedland

Gryphon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Luke Garvey

Tweedledum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Luke Garvey

Tweedledee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reena Bhambi

Special Thanks to: Wes Kaplan, Daniel Attia, Sophie Yang, Elana Maimonis, Kenny Kozol, the Brookline Teen Center, and the parents of the cast.




(To be continued…)

This program is coming back!


Stay tuned Brookline middle schoolers and parents, because this was just the grand opening of the new Brookline Teen Center Acting Program! There will be another show this coming school year. We invite all our incredible Wonderland cast members to join us again, along with all the young drama enthusiasts of Brookline who will be joining the program. We will be sending out a survey about interest and availability for continuing this program to our Wonderland cast. If you are interested in the program, and you were not a participant in Wonderland, you can email the directors at valentia.burlak@gmail.com.



This program is a Brookline Teen Center program