Rental Agreement Form

BTC Rental Agreement



    The Renter is responsible for the BTC premises (building, furniture, equipment, etc…) during the time of the rental and may be required to pay the cost of any damage that is incurred.

    You are renting the venue and the BTC is not responsible for planning or coordinating your event. Your rental includes 2 on-site event-planning meetings with the BTC at which time we will work with you and your vendors to ensure a smooth event.

    If a caterer is wanted for the event, the Renter is responsible for securing a caterer of their choice (the BTC can provide a list of vendors). Caterers are subject to BTC approval and are responsible for the set up and removal of all equipment, supplies and clean up. All costs associated with the caterer are the responsibility of the Renter.

    If there is no caterer for the event, the Renter is responsible for coordinating a plan for set-up and clean up and this plan must be reviewed with the BTC and is subject to BTC approval.

    Any function where alcohol is served must have a licensed, insured bartender and the BTC must have a copy of the license and insurance form prior to the Event. All costs associated with alcohol and the bartender is the responsibility of the Renter.

    Any unopened alcohol left at the BTC following an event MUST be picked up no later than 1pm the following day (for a Sat event, pick up is no later than 1pm the following Monday).

    The BTC has tables and chairs (see Rental Includes section) that the Renter is welcome to use. Any additional tables and seating beyond what the BTC provides will need to be coordinated by the Renter. The BTC does not provide linens, plates, silverware, etc. All costs associated with rentals is the responsibility of the Renter.

    If rentals are being used for the event, it is the responsibility of the person coordinating the rentals to contact the BTC prior to arranging drop-off and pick-up times to ensure that the BTC is able to accommodate preferred days/times.

    There is limited event parking at the BTC. Unmetered parking is available on the street.

    Any media that will be shown at the event must be given to the BTC 1-week prior to the event. The BTC will run it from a Chromebook so a USB drive or Dropbox is preferred.

    Deliveries must be made on the day of the event within the 5-hour or 8-hour time block that is being paid for unless the renter pays $400/hour for additional time beyond the event time block.

    If the Renter is planning on-site visits to the BTC (with or without their Vendors) that do not involve the BTC, the Renter must contact the BTC in advance to see if the day/time of visit works with the BTC.

    The BTC is a non-profit youth center and must be operational in the time outside of rental hours. We cannot have decorations hung, deliveries made and/or event supplies stored at the facility outside of the 5-hour or 8-hour event time block.

    If the event exceeds the paid for 5-hour or 8-hour time block (including set-up and clean up), the Renter will be charged for the additional time at the rate of $400 per hour.

    All Events must be fully cleaned up by 1:00am or the Renter will be charged $400/hour for any additional time.

    All vendors are subject to BTC approval.

    No open flames.

    No smoke/fog machines.

    No smoking in the BTC or within 25 feet of the building.

    No storage of propane tanks shall be allowed on the premises of the BTC.

    No holes will be made in the BTC walls and any product used to affix things to the walls, furniture or any part of the BTC.



    The BTC offers 10,000 sq. ft. of space plus 2,000 sq. ft. of mezzanine area ("Space"). The center offers an exciting venue which includes a half-court gym,2 lanes of candlepin bowling, a stage with a large drop down screen/projector, music re cording studio (not included in event rentals), fitness center (not included in event rentals), ping pong, foosball, yoga/dance studio, pool table, media/game room, kitchen and a large cafe seating area with a small stage and outdoor deck with seats from Fenway Park.


    Use of the BTC (see Description of Space) including Mezzanine Area.

    Two (2) on-site event-planning meetings with the BTC.

    A BTC staff at the event for logistical support.

    The cafe seating area has 3 table (5'5"x3') and 20 chairs. The conference room on the Mezzanine has 7 tables (6'x3'), 3 tables (6'x2') and 20 chairs. Mezzanine tables and chairs cannot be moved downstairs. There is one (1) coat rack that holds approximately 50 coats.

    Basic power.

    Basic technology needs.

    Wireless internet service.

    Reasonable trash and recycling removal from premises.


    The BTC can accommodate up to 450 for a standing reception and 150 for a seated dinner. Final capacity is determined by the floor plan.

  • I have read and understand the Property Use Policy and Limitation of Liability, Description of Space, Capacity Information and Rental Includes information.


    In order to secure an event date, a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the rental fee must be payable to the BTC.

    The total amount the Renter will owe to the BTC includes a rental fee (minus the 10% already paid) and final payment is due no less than 2 weeks prior to the event. Non-payment can result in cancelation of the rental and the Renter is responsible for the loss of any associated costs. As well, the Renter will lose the non-refundable 10% deposit.

    Payment can be made by check payable to the Brookline Teen Center. Payments made by credit card will be charged an additional handling charge of 4% of the amount being charged.

  • Revision 1.4.17