Pro Tools Studio Engineering Workshops

The Brookline Teen Center Music Studio is excited to be hosting Kevin O’Connell, professional musician and recording engineer, for three in depth, hands on workshops that will take students through the recording process start to finish. Each session stands alone while building on the session prior so students can sign up for all three or pick and choose based on their interest. In between sessions, the Studio will be open for practice and individual projects. Sessions are free for members of the Brookline Teen Center.  These workshops are open to high school students.

Session 1: Studio Setup / Signal Flow – Saturday, February 11 – 12-4 PM

With Session 1 we’ll be starting right at the top – questions answered include: how to set up your studio, instruments, microphones, and isolation for the best possible sound? What is a signal path and what happens to your sound as it passes from instrument to mic to preamp to Pro Tools?


Session 2: Tracking – Saturday, March 11 – 12-4 PM

For Session 2 we put on our engineering caps. Working with a live band, we will discuss audio sources and the sonic characteristics of each instrument, experiment with mic placement and isolation, and do live tracking and overdubs as we explore the importance of the role of the engineer/producer.


Session 3: Post Production – Saturday, April 1 – 12-4 PM

For our final session we will put the finishing touches on our project to get the best possible sound. Mixing, editing, effects processing and monitoring will be explored at length as well as how to get the best workflow out of ProTools. In addition we’ll look at mastering and how to get our project loud and sounding great on different types of speakers.

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