The mission of the Brookline Teen Center is to provide a safe, enjoyable environment where teenagers can engage in constructive, educational and leisure activities. The Brookline Teen Center strives to develop and empower diverse leaders who will enrich the Brookline community.

DSC_0001  DSC_0151 (1)  Teen Dogeball Team
A few of the BTC Dodgeball Tournament Teams


The Brookline Teen Center provides a safe place for teens to connect with one another, gain access to valuable academic support and engage in unique learning opportunities that will reveal their strengths and interests. All youth can excel when provided with opportunities for healthy risk-taking, allowing them to discover their own identities and unique skills.
Funded entirely by private donations, the BTC offers social, recreational and academic areas including a music recording studio, candle pin bowling, half court gym, yoga and dance studio, social recreational area, fitness center, cafe, game room, ping pong and 2,000 square feet of academic enrichment space which includes computers, a classroom, study space and a tutor room. Teen-centered programming supplements the lively activities in this architecturally inspiring converted parking garage.
Studies and research show that youth attendance in out-of school time programs are positively associated with many academic and non-academic outcomes which include higher academic achievement and grades, less problematic and risky behaviors, reduced amount of drinking and drug use, increased engagement in community service, leadership and volunteering opportunities and better emotional adjustment. Our staff is dedicated to the critical mission of helping young people within our community navigate through their adolescent years safely and with self-confidence.
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