Makerspace Youth Leader

In the spring of 2016, a number of Brookline High School teens approached the BTC with ideas that they wanted assistance bringing to life.  BTC staff worked with them to help to move their ideas forward and we now have the beginnings of a teen driven makerspace.  Currently, we have high school students teaching middle school students two different courses; one on Lego Robotics and one titled the Brookline Engineering Project.  Another teen started his own bamboo bike building initiative, and others are building rockets and an indoor farm.  Driven by a teen Makerspace committee, we’ve managed to outfit the space with some useful equipment and the teens are making some innovation come to life.

The space/initiative has reached a point where we could benefit from bringing on board someone with experience in this area to help us and the teens take the makerspace to the next level.  We are looking for an individual who has some time and interest in working part time with the BTC and our teens in the makerspace.  We hope that the time and scope of the role will grow as the makerspace itself grows, but initially the job will likely be 6-10 hours a week.

We are looking for someone who connects well with teens and has some experience with makerspaces. At the moment, a number of the teen driven projects involve power tools so the candidate should be comfortable with using power tools and possess an ability to support and supervise teens using power tools in a safe manner.  Our ideal candidate is enthusiastic about “backyard science” and has experience with coding and 3D printing.


Makerspace Youth Leader Role

– Work with high school students to oversee/run the makerspace

– Work with students to plan and facilitate the growth of the Makerspace

– Assist with projects, help, guide and mentor

– Supervise use of power tools and other equipment


Interested candidates can email George Zahka ( a resume and brief cover letter.