Katiria Pineda-Colon and Isobel Souza

Katiria Pineda-Colon

“ Kati”  is a dancer, choreographer, instructor, and freestyler. I began my dance training at the age 5 with the company “ it’s all about us” dancing ballet, tap and Jazz funk. Throughout my dance career, I’ve been trained in many different dance styles but steered my focus into Hip Hop, All Latin dances and lyrical. I have had the opportunity to be trained by various professional dancers and technique instructors such as Liz Lauph, Lynn Model, Micky Taylor, Jose Ramos, Jeannette Neil, Stefanie Imbornone, Jeffery Louiza, Dennis Peterson, Michael Polos, Andres Y Leah, Diorman and many more. 

I have been teaching for six years, but dancing for 19 years. I graduated from Brookline high school where I was involved with the dance team, cheerleading team as well in many theatre and dance productions. Graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelors degree double major in Theatre Arts and Dance. I also was a dance instructor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, a part of Salsa Y Control Company, have done many productions, performances and music videos, as an actor, dancer and model.  My dream is to continue being a successful performer and to give back to the community.


Isobel Souza

Isobel is a 16 year old who realized her passion when she took her first dance class at the age of two.  Since then she has studied at the Boston Ballet School and Mass Motion Dance Boston, and performed in the Boston Urban Nutcracker for the past two years.  She has been a member of StreetHYpE and Street PunX since 2013, and joined Contemporarily Out of Order in 2015. Isobel also enjoys photography, cooking and chemistry.