Inside the Studio with Latrell James

On Friday, March 11th the Studio at the Brookline Teen Center hosted Inside the Studio with Latrell James. Latrell, a local Rapper/Producer stopped in to breakdown the beats of some of his most notable songs and freestyle rap with the teen audience.


Hosted by Double V and Dj’ed by Tazlyimah, the Game Room was transformed into a lounge-like environment with Latrell’s computer put up on the large projector screen.


On Fruity Loops, his production software of choice, he made a live beat from the “Hey Arnold” theme song, and had some teens in the room rap over it, along with his own freestyle verses. Here’s some highlights from the event: 

(Written By Double V – recording engineer @ BTC Recs)


[Chase Murphy and Dyshon “Sh33zy” Daye]