Giti Ganjei

About the instructor:


Persian food is exotic, hearty and healthy. Ingredients are grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. How to combine them is my secret, and I’m doing a cooking class to reveal the secrets of Persian cuisine to you!

As you may not know me, I was born in Iran, and have lived in Brookline for the past 26 years.  I remember my teenage years when my mom kept me in the kitchen, (of course, I did not want to) and taught me how to make sure the rice does not get smooth, how to clean the meat of it’s fat, how to add spices without a measuring spoon, and how to brew tea before it gets to the boiling stage.  These experiences stack up (I am still learning), and have made me who I am as a mom, and as a food enthusiast.  I cook every  night for my family, and enjoy doing it.  

I am hoping to get you excited to cook with me, and enjoy what you cook with your family and friends.

Giti also teaches adult cooking classes, and you can email her at to learn more about adult classes, or check out her cooking blog.