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  • Inside the Studio with Latrell James

    On Friday, March 11th the Studio at the Brookline Teen Center hosted Inside the Studio with Latrell James. Latrell, a local Rapper/Producer stopped in to breakdown the beats of some of his most notable songs and freestyle rap with the teen audience.


    Hosted by Double V and Dj’ed by Tazlyimah, the Game Room was transformed into a lounge-like environment with Latrell’s computer put up on the large projector screen.


    On Fruity Loops, his production software of choice, he made a live beat from the “Hey Arnold” theme song, and had some teens in the room rap over it, along with his own freestyle verses. Here’s some highlights from the event: 

    (Written By Double V – recording engineer @ BTC Recs)


    [Chase Murphy and Dyshon “Sh33zy” Daye]



  • RISE Music @ The Gardner Museum [2.25.16]

    The studio staff and some friends went on a trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to see a show in the RISE Concert series. The series is curated by Shea Rose and Simone Scazzocchio who invite artists of many genres to play in their beautifully constructed sonic cube, Calderwood Hall. Rose and Scazzocchio performed at TeenStock last year and have invited us to experience this series, allowing us to roam around the incredible museum before getting to see great performances from different musicians. Isabella Stewart Gardner often had artists who came to perform in her house. Calderwood Hall came around in 2012. Its unique architecture allowed performers to be amidst their audience members. We grabbed some seats in the top balcony knowing there would be some interesting acoustics up there.

    The night began with a young artist named Echezona Onwuama. He warmed the crowd up while he freestyled and then continued to sing and rap some original songs. Echezona repped his Nigerian pride and encouraged the crowd to follow their dreams sharing his dream of being a Grammy winning artist. Here he is, lying on his back while he performed so the top balconies could see him.


    Kara Hesse followed Echezona, a mid western soul and pop singer. She played some of her songs on piano and guitar for us while she belted and sang and murmured with an interesting and gorgeous husky voice.


    Will Dailey, the feature act, stole the show with his mellow rock group behind him. Will rocked in his slippery shoes, kicking and swinging his legs around while he played the guitar/banjo and sang. He had an unconventional way of playing with his hands too. After playing many of his songs he performed his own version of “Imagine” changing some of the lyrics to “we” instead of “I” and to “sisterhood” instead of “brotherhood”. His voice is nice to listen to and had a particularly lovely vibrato during the cover.

    Will Dailey ended the night by playing his songs “We will always be a band” and “Higher Education.” He invited some folks onstage with him like Shea Rose and Kara Hesse to sing the lyrics, “All that I wanted was all in my mind… and all that I need is to sing.”


    He had the whole room sing “We will always be a band” while he ran around each balcony floor to make sure everyone in the audience was singing. It was a great way to end the performance!



    -Jory Cherry

  • The Kennagon Podcast

    Dan Kennedy, host of THE KENNAGON sits down for an exclusive interview with creator of the famous Rock Band video games and BTC Board Member Greg LoPiccolo! The Kennagon is recorded at BTC Recs monthly and features ya boi DoubleV, Recording Engineer of BTC Recs as co-host.

    Kennagon Podcast featuring Greg LoPiccolo from BTC Records on Vimeo.


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