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Welcome to the BTMP! 

Our names are Anjoli Mathew, a BHS senior and Dani Coyle, a BHS junior and we are the current Directors of the Brookline Tutor Mentor Program (BTMP). The BTMP was founded in 2014 with the goal of connecting high-schoolers and middle schoolers both through academics and a supportive mentor system. We individually pair middle school students and high-achieving high school tutors based on students’ academic weaknesses/strengths, interests, and personality. We aim to offer a tutor, a role model, and a friend for kids who are struggling academically, need an extra challenge, or just want a friend.

Although we specifically try to reach low income students who cannot otherwise afford one on one tutoring, we accept everyone we can. We believe in fighting for educational equality so that no student gets left behind, and all students have the resources to grow and succeed.

Time and Place

The Brookline Tutor Mentor program collaborates with the Brookline Teen Center, which provides guidance, outreach, and a home base for our program. All tutors are strongly encouraged to meet with their students at the Teen Center from 2pm to 4pm on Sundays.   During this time, tutor mentors first spend 45 minutes playing games and doing fun activities with their students to strengthen their mentor-student bond. For the next hour and fifteen minutes, mentors help their students with their homework, and provide extra activities/assignments to reinforce academic and organization understanding and skills.   If tutor/student pairs are unable to meet on Sundays, they are more than welcome to arrange their own times to meet based on their individual schedules. Pairs are also welcome to meet more than twice a week depending on their availability and student’s need.   Our first meeting is Sunday, October 27th and most Sundays afterwards. Full BTMP 2019-2020 schedule to come soon!

Who Should Apply? 

Tutors We are looking to recruit responsible, dedicated, high school scholars with a passion for giving back to their community. It is vital that each tutor acts responsibly when contacting parents, recording hours, and responding to emails. Each tutor should also be prepared to make a conscious effort to engage with their student.   Students The BTMP welcomes any type of students in the Brookline area and beyond who want academic help. While we focus on middle schoolers, we also accept elementary school students in fewer numbers. High schoolers who want tutoring help can drop by the Teen Center between 3 and 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, where there will be BTMP peer tutors to assist with homework and give advice.

Why should you apply? 

Tutors Being a tutor-mentor is one of the most fulfilling positions in the community. Not only will you receive community service hours and a good addition to your resume, but as a high school student, tutoring gives you an opportunity to truly engage with and support a middle school student. Whether they are struggling with school or need advice from a friendly face, the tutor-mentor program is their rock that can be relied on at any time. As role models, our job is to motivate young students and aid them in growing into mature young adults. Students and their mentors often create deep bonds that transcend age difference and continue even beyond the Tutor-Mentor Program.   Students Besides getting free tutoring, you also get a fun environment to be in, plenty of friends your age, and a big sibling figure whose only goal is to see you succeed. Your grades will improve, and you’ll likely have an easier time in school. You’ll learn skills that will help you in high school without being assigned extra homework, and you’ll have a safe place where it’s ok to make mistakes and be yourself. There’s no judgement here, only enthusiastic teens who will be there for you for whatever you need.

Where to apply?

Please fill out the applications below with great care. It will help us pair students with tutors more efficiently and effectively.   We prefer that students and tutors apply before October 23rd so that we can create most pairs before our first meeting on the 27th.   However, applications will be accepted year round based on students’ needs and availabilities.  

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Contact Us

Feel free to ask us any questions, and give us feedback at any time with the email below!Email:

We hope to see you soon!

-Anjoli and Dani